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Wedding Photographer Italy

For us Wedding Photography is creativity and elegance.
We have a Photojournalistic approach.

We are in Rome, but we love to photograph
the emotions throughout the world.

We never use static poses unless we need them to unveil a particular intimacy or complicity in the following shot. 

For these reasons, each photo shoot is different from another according to the people involved and the energy and emotions of the day. 

We believe, however, that the best way to explain our style is to show our work.
Capturing your moments in a photojournalistic way, with an artistic twist creates the unique style of our photos.

Our goal is to reproduce a story one second at a time through the lense of a camera,

 focusing primarily on the moments and emotions that are shared.
We do not control the events, but we work unobtrusively to capture the magic and the spontaneus emotions.

We offer two photographers at your event, allowing us to have two different interpretations of the same moments, with different views and perspectives, thus obtaining a complete work both aesthetically and emotionally. 

Combining the simple and natural with art and creativity, gives a very solid but very spontaneous result.

Photo-documentary style storytellers.