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One of our specializations are ‘destination weddings’: foreigners marrying in Italy, or weddings abroad. A destination wedding is already a honeymoon for the weds, and a holiday for their guests. In this context, the traditions and culture of the couple come together with the culture of the wedding location. The ‘destination wedding’ is different from traditional wedding in that often a limited number of guests can join (on occasion even completely absent), and many times are planned for the vivid and powerful locations themselves. For this reason we are always available to study different solutions for different needs. For those who prefer a very intimate wedding without guests or parties, we make the celebration even more memorable with our photos, bringing the couple for walks in places they have chosen. For those who are planning a great destination wedding we also offer multi-day packages, to witness the whole marriage. We also found some very effective solutions to show you the work on the Internet, to be able to optimize time and cost, while maintaining the satisfaction of the spouses as a priority.
We invite you, wherever you decide to celebrate your wedding, to contact us.

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